For Katelin, music is about crafting magical moments and bringing joy into people's lives. Katelin combines her passion for music with the highest levels of skill and professionalism, making her a popular performer for venues, events and functions.

With more than 10 years experience, Katelin knows the powerful effect music has on people. If you want guests to linger under a gentle caress of sound, Katelin can create the ambience you desire. If you need party guests to dance into the wee hours (and still talk about your event year later), Katelin can make it happen. A bold and confident artist, she loves generating atmosphere and taking her audience on a journey by playing the right song at the right moment - to uplift and energize or soothe the senses with an alchemy of sound.

As a skilled DJ, Katelin understands venues thrive when the right vibe is created through a perfect sonic blend. She beautifully balances high energy songs that elevate excitement with intimate tunes that pleasure the senses and inspire emotions. Her ability to influence the energy of a space, create amazing experiences and draw people in makes her popular with venues seeking to build their patronage. Her fierce commitment to seeing venues succeed by providing fun, energy-packed entertainment means she is in demand for regular gigs.

In her live acoustic performances, Katelin provides a premium quality sound with an ambient mix of acoustic guitar and vocals also offering a duo performance for weddings and functions, she sees the true beauty of music in its ability to connect with people covering a wide variety of genres past and present.

Katelin's expertise has seen her perform at leading venues across Brisbane, including The Zoo, Ric's Bar and The Tempo Hotel. On the Sunshine Coast, she has featured at venues including Solbar Maroochydore. The Double Barrel Bar and The Wharf Tavern.

Before deciding to focus on a solo career as a DJ and acoustic soloist in 2018, Katelin played in bands and duos. Her band performed throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and recorded an original EP in 2014, with the single featured on HOT 91.1 and Triple M in Brisbane.